Kaye S.
Sana Fernando Valley, CA 
Veteran Affairs Administrator

"In the past I used H&R Block for my Tax Preparation. I tried Maurice E. Becnel tax preparation two years ago. He reviewed my prior year return. He found additional deduction I should have taken advantage of. Helped me develop tax reduction strategies."

Mike C.
Orange County, CA 
Auto Industry Executive 

"Thank you for your help with my taxes. I have lived in several states this past year. You helped me file in all 3 states and I received 3 state refunds quickly."

Sharon B.
Los Angeles, CA 
Real Estate Professional 

"Thank you. You did an awesome job, making it quick and easy."

Stan S.
Orange County, CA 
Graphic designer

"Thank you so much. You are a life safer. You have helped minimize my taxes and have kept me on financial truck."

Frank M.
Orange County, CA
Television Producer 

"This was the easiest way I have ever prepared and send off my taxes, even because of your questionnaire. Thanks for making this one of the best tax times for me in a very long time."