Over 25 years of professional experience
in income tax, life insurance sales, 
annuities, and audit representation

Maurice E. Becnel
Tax and Financial Services

(213) 500-2844
CA License OB66044
I provide services in the following areas:

  1. Audit representation 
  2. Income tax
  3. Annuities
  4. Life Insurance
  5. Prior year returns 
  6. Prepare tax turns for 50 states 
  7. Expatriate tax preparation 
  8. Key man life insurance 
  9. Collection representation for the IRS help on settlements

Financial Services

Key person insurance, here’s how it works. A company purchases life insurance policy on its key employees, this is usually the owner. The one whose death will sink the company the purpose of key person insurance and help the company survive the blow of losing the persons who make the business work.

Key Man Life Insurance

If you are a small business owner, Key Man Insurance allows the company to recover if the President or Partner dies. Theses policies often mean difference between the company surviving or closing its doors. 


Unlike most other options for fixed income, deferred annuities enable you to accommodate earning tax deferred Interest income and not taxable until the income or withdrawn from the annuity. This deferred tax feature allows for triple compounding. You earn interest income on the original principal, interest on the interest earned, and interest on the money you would have paid in taxes.

Offer in Compromise

Many tax payers are in need of tax relief, Offer in Compromise gives you an opportunity to pay your taxes over time. It considers your ability to pay, your income, expenses, and asset equity. 

Income Tax

Federal, state, local and foreign tax returns.

Audit Representation

I will represent you before the IRS for tax returns. I have prepared for minimum fee. Fee varies according to the complexity of the tax return. 

Installment Agreement

We can negotiate installment agreements on your behalf, even if you are out of state.

Collection Representative

I will work out payment arrangement with the IRS. These arrangements can cover multiple years and can reduce the impact on your household budget.

Life Insurance

Allows you to protect your love ones. It is an excellent way to build wealth through a CASH value build up in the whole life policies. Term products can be inexpensive and protect your family for a certain number of years.

Prepare Tax Returns for 50 States

May people have investments outside of their resident state. A return often times is required since taxable income is generated.

3 Year Limit - Possible Refund

If you have income that you did not report during a tax year, you have a 3 year time period to report it and get a possible refund. 


A core specialty is the preparation of income tax returns for individual tax papers. Our service include late and current filing, resident or nonresident issues. Filing in all 50 states, prior or current year amendments.


Small business tax returns is a core service offered. Whether your company is a C corporation, S Corp, Limited Liability Co, Partnership or Sole Proprietorship, a properly prepared tax return can be filed. 

Audit Representation

If you are audited, you want some one who has experience in going to IRS or State Agencies. I represent individuals and businesses on over 100 different tax situations. 

Prior Year Return

The IRS offers at different times Amnesty programs for taxpayers who have not file for multiple years. Social Security benefits cannot be access if you have not filed tax returns.